Emergency Trip to the Vet

Until I was the owner of a beautiful German Shepherd, Moo, I actually didn’t know that chocolate is toxic to dogs and can cause death.

Since the arrival of Moo, I have been so careful with where I leave chocolate around the house. When she was a puppy is wasn’t so bad because she couldn’t reach most surfaces but now that she is the size of a grown adult human standing on her back legs, she can reach the same things that I can.

So I went shopping yesterday and treated myself to some chocolate from Treats from Home – a shop that sells chocolate and other things from England – I bought myself a Caramac.

Now for those who don’t know what a Caramac is; It is a beautiful caramel flavoured chocolate that melts in your mouth and makes you relive your childhood in 5 seconds. It is amazing. My mum used to buy me them when I was little.

So I got in from shopping and left my bag on the table. Now our table is pretty high and Moo can only usually get her front paws on the top. For some strange reason, when a Caramac is involved, she somehow grows an extra two feet and gets the bar out of my bag during the night.

I wake up this morning and she is sat in her bed munching on a red and yellow wrapper. I walk over wondering what she managed to find in the garden this time, but no!

There it is. A 3/4 eaten Caramac wrapper. No chocolate to be found. She obviously liked it because she is trying her hardest to eat this little bit of plastic wrapper as well.

I grab it off her and panic kicks in.

I’m googling everything.

Why is chocolate toxic?
How much chocolate kills a dog?
Is my dog going to die?
How long does it take?
Can I save her?

So I phone the vet.

Luckily they’re open for 2 hours in the morning on a Sunday. Luck is on my side!

They tell me to bring her in straight away!

I run into my room, grab my 8 year old Ugg boots and shove them on my feet. I realise I’m only wearing my pyjamas so I quickly pull a large pair of tracksuit bottoms on and grab my bag.

I get the lead but then Moo and Lucy think I’m taking them for a walk. Oh no! Not now!

It takes me a few minutes to get Moo to sit still and stop jumping everywhere to put the lead on. She runs to the car thinking we are now going to the beach.

I quickly drive to the vets which is luckily only about 4 minutes away in the car.

We get out, and walk the few meters to the vets.

Moo starts jumping and whining and getting all excited. She tries to grab a packet of treats from the counter (she can reach it now) I pull her down and get her to sit.

Finally after what feels like forever, the vet calls us in.

He tells me that Moo should be ok but he’s going to inject her with something so that she throws up.

I have to practically sit on her so he can inject her.

He then leads us into the walkway outside so that she can vomit.

She wanders around for a bit. Looking all innocent like butter wouldn’t melt.

Then she walks over to the door way and I can see it.

Her tummy starts contracting and in slow motion I try to get her to move away from the step but there it is.

Projectile yellow vomit all over the door and step.

She then takes about 5 minutes to throw up the last of her tummy contents.

She’s sat there on the cold floor, a look of despair in her eyes, her usually pointed ears drooped at the side as though giving an excellent impression of Yoda from Star Wars and she turns her back towards me.

I can tell I’m going to be in for a long day of apologising.

The life of a German Shepherd owner.


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