My job

Over the past week, I have been blessed to work with a number of young female patients on the ward.

I think working with young females is just amazing. Not only can they learn some skills from me but I learn so much from them.

One of my patients – for the purpose of confidentiality I shall call her Patient D – suffers from social anxiety and binge eating. I have been working with her closely as it was handed over that she does not engage well with anyone and usually self discharges after a couple of days.

I’ve worked with her around 4 times now in the past 5 days and have found it extremely easy to engage with her. She is extremely open about her illness and I feel we’ve built an excellent rapport.

We were talking the other day and she informed me that she loves writing and loves writing a blog. I thought it was amazing. I explained how I also have a blog and there is something nice about being able to write everything down to no one but also to everyone.

Another patient I’ve been working closely with is Patient S – confidentially of course! – she suffers from depression and is a self harmer.

I have built up a good rapport and have noticed that even in the most emotional of states, she is able to respond to me and also is able to laugh and joke. She’s extremely talented.

Patient S is a drawer and a writer. I read a number of her poems and they were fantastic. I mean I have never read something so emotional and deep. Each poem described an aspect of her mental illness and her self harm.

She told me that she hides them in a little book because she doesn’t feel anyone would want to read them. After I told her how amazing they were and how awesome she is at writing I could see a look of shock on her face. She told me that I’m the only person who has ever read her poems and seen them as a positive thing. I explained that whilst she is writing down her feelings, she’s not physically hurting herself and instead she is finding a creative way to express herself.

My job can sometimes be awful too. Just yesterday a patient over dosed on over 50 tablets and needed to be transferred to the emergency department. Patient S also self harmed causing some damage to her hand.

I hear the words ‘I want to die’ nearly every day.

But that little bit of hope that I can maybe make someone feel that today should not be that day they die, is such a amazing feeling.

Sitting with someone and making them forget why they are in hospital is such a relief for them. You can see their whole body change into something more at ease and comfortable.

I am so thankful to everything that I was able to follow my dream and register as a mental health nurse.

That’s me.

A Registered Mental Health Nurse.

And I LOVE it.



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