One thing I was reminded of today..

Today I received a phone call from my closest friend out here. She told me that a colleague and friend had found out this morning that her son had died.

She has to fly back back home today so she can be there. She has to spend over 20 hours travelling to be where she needs to be.

I felt an overwhelming urge of wanting to go back home. I miss my family. What if something happened whilst I’m out here in Melbourne and I miss the end of someone’s life. What if I don’t get to say goodbye to someone I love.

I think living away from home can be extremely difficult. Even more so if you’ve moved over 20 hours away.

I think it’s so important to keep in touch with family. Don’t let petty arguments get in the way of being a part of someone’s life.

We don’t know how much longer with have with everyone.

My heart and thoughts are with my friend.


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