Autumn/Winter Outfits

So I’ve decided to put together a few of my favourite outfits I’ve worn over the past month or so whilst braving an Australian autumn and winter.

I think the main thing to remember when you have to wear a big thick coat is that you can wear whatever you want underneath it! That’s what coats are for! 


Dress: Topshop ($60)
Shoes: Topshop (£30)


Coat: Forever New ($149)


Coat: Forever New ($149)
Jeans: Mom Jeans Topshop (£40)
Converse (£35)


Dress: Henry Holland (£15)
Cardigan: Topshop ($50)
Shoes: River Island (£20)


T-shirt: Topshop  ($30)
Skirt: Topshop (£25)
Shoes: Topshop (£30)


Sunglasses: River Island (£10)
Coat: Forever New ($149)
Dress: Cotton On ($24.95)
Wellington Boots: Target ($12)


Dress: Cotton On (Tina Dress $24.95)
Shoes: Topshop (£30)

A lot of the items I’m wearing are things I’ve added to my wardrobe over a number of years and that have just stayed in excellent condition. My black and white shoes from Topshop have been with me for at least 5 years and I wore them at my graduation and a number of nights out. Still in perfect condition.

My Skirt from Topshop has also lasted me since my first year at university in 2009. Still in love with it now as much as I was when I first set eyes on it.


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