September 3rd

So I thought I’d show off some products I’ve recently bought.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not the girliest person and literally do not have a clue about makeup or skin care.

I’ve used the same products for literally 5 years.

Due to having skin which is prone to spots and can become oily I’ve sworn by The Body Shop Tea Tree range which you can see here.

I use the facial wash, toner, facial scrub, night lotion and the mask.

Now a couple weeks ago I decided I’d go for a change. I’d noticed that my face is always a little more red than my neck and wondered if it was due to my regime.

I decided to try something which was created for sensitive skin and settled on The Body Shop Aloe range. You can see this here.


I also teamed this with a new facial cream. I had been looking through he internet for a cream that helps reduce redness. I managed to find the Créaline Anti Rougeurs cream by Bioderma.


So I bought I’d give this new little mix a go.

After a week I noticed that I definitely needed to stop. I’d had an allergic reaction. My face had become extremely dry. My eyes had puffed up and I looked like I had two black eyes. Also my chin had started to crack and it was sore to even talk.

So I decided to stop the products and return to my tea tree range.

I think it was due to the cram rather than he Aloe range due to that being designed for sensitive skin.

In the week of using the Bioderma cream I didn’t notice any particular reduction of redness and I didn’t find it the best moisturizer.

I would recommend it to a person who does not have sensitive skin to see if it helps them but this product is definitely not for me.



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