Not on your own

Ever remember going to lunch with your friends when you’re younger and seeing someone eating on their own? Seeing that person seeing the latest movie with a small drink and popcorn for themselves?

Well recently I have realised that when you grow up, it’s pretty acceptable to do things on your own.

I used to see people having lunch in restaurants on a table for 1 and think to myself that I feel like I should talk to them because I feel sorry for them.

A few scenarios would pop in my head and I would start making up lives for these people. No friends, divorced, cat had died, just been fired, family crisis… But none of these scenarios were ever happy.

Since moving to Melbourne, I have started to come to terms with doing things on my own.

I go shopping on my own so why don’t I start doing other things.

For example, there is an amazing jacket potato place on Chapel Street which I found when my mum and sister were over. Now it may sound boring, but for me, the jacket potato queen – I think it is actually considered my favourite food – it was amazing. I’d love to go there but Dave hates jacket potato’s.

So my answer for this predicament….go on my own.

Now all I have to do is pluck up the courage to do it.

Wolf pack of one.


2 thoughts on “Not on your own

  1. katecollings says:

    You totally should go. When I first moved to Vietnam it was one of the hardest things to do as me and my boyfriend work different hours and I currently have limited friends here (sob). Now I LOVE it. Take a book or listen to a podcast (scott mills daily or SERIAL, both good ones) or just people watch. I find it really relaxing.

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