Fashion finds

Since moving to Melbourne I have found great pleasure in hunting new clothes lines and stores. Growing up in the UK meant I loved Topshop, River Island, H&M and other similar high street brands.

When I decided to move to Australia, I obviously hadn’t thought about how this is going to effect my wardrobe. What stores would become my favorite and will I end up having to order things online and pay extortionate prices for p&p?

Instagram has seriously been one of those amazing things that has brought some beautiful Australian brands to my attention. Whenever I get bored or I’m waiting for someone and to avoid making eye contact with ‘those’ kinds of people so I don’t get caught up into an odd conversation I’m on my phone, I browse through the explore and search photos.

Mostly it now contains photos that your friends have liked but every now and then I get a few photos of cute play suits or dresses that catch my eye.

I’m going to give you a little list of these brands which you can click on to go to their website – it’s the least I could do, honestly.

Beginning BoutiqueThis is an amazing website for summer clothes, shoes and gifts. The clothing range does seem to stop at size 12 which is a bit unfortunate if you are like myself and vary from size 12-14, but nonetheless, still pretty to look at. They also have this cool idea of “Two Mystery Items for $40” which is extremely exciting!

Junk ClothingAgain a beautiful range for summer. This brand is part of a larger collection under Mirage and they have a number of collections on this website which you can browse through. Unfortunately the sizes stop at a 12 but I guess one of us will have to take the plunge to see how big their size 12 actually is.

Princess Polly An awesome shop for summer clothes, dresses and bikinis. They have stores in the north of Australia and one in Surfers Paradise. They also sell some really cute gold flaked tattoos as well as shoes and accessories. A really cute store if you’re in the area and they ship to all over Australia!

Kini Swimwear I stumbled across this website when looking at bikinis online from places such as Triangl. This website is amazing and the idea behind it is great. The company was founded by two Australian women called Em and Elle who decided it should be easy to get a bikini that you love, that fits and that you can design yourself. The website allows you to pick the style of bather you want, any added touches such as frills or ties, what color or pattern and what size. His website is genius!

City Beach Now this is a company who have a lot going on. Not only do they sell women’s clothes but also men’s. They also sell things like nail polish, bracelet sets, accessories and a whole bunch of beautiful wardrobe fillers. Prices are reasonable and they go up to a size 16! Hallelujah!!!

Peppermayo I originally found his website whilst looking for gifts for Christmas. They sell such a wide range of gifts such as the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 cameras and e most incredible books. The clothing range is really cute but yet we run into the same old problem, stops at a size 12.

Splice Boutique As much as I like this range, I need to warn you all that this brand is pretty pricey. $180 for a plain slip dress. Pricey but looks awesome. Have a look if you want to spend some incredible dollars.

Not to forget my new love, Dangerfield, their clothes and dresses are just to die for. I love pretty girly dresses and this is just THE place to go. The staff are always extremely friendly and their always seems to be some sort of offer on, always a plus.

If anyone has any other awesome clothing stores or brands from Australia I should check out, I would appreciate a comment to let me know.


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