Happy new year and all that jazz

Happy New Year!

Since my last post on December 31st I’ve been really busy.

I’m still working nights at the minute on the ward so my body clock is a bit messed up. days off end up being cut extremely short as I’m ready to pass out at around 7pm.

I also celebrated my 24th Birthday on Sunday. I have this thing of seeing how old everyone is if you double their age. So the fact I came to the realization that I am now half of 48 is pretty scary.



On my birthday Dave took me to the cinema to see The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies which I must say is absolutely amazing! I even cried at one point – obviously not letting Dave see as he would majorly take the kick out of me.




Later we went home and he cooked me the most amazing roast dinner I think I’ve ever had. It was so yummy and extremely filling.

We chilled out in the evening which was really nice and just relaxed watching films and eating snacks.




Yesterday I met two of my friends, Chris and Sam for dinner for my birthday. We went to a really cute restaurant called Ladro on Greville Street in Parahn. It was so lovely to see them and for the first time ever, I drank wine. Like actual real life wine as an adult with my meal.





I got spoilt with all my presents and I really do have the best friends and family.

Unfortunately I am now on my first of four night shifts and trying to make the night go as quickly as possible so I can get back into my bed!

Happy Wednesday!


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