Life Goals

I want to use this page as a place where I can set myself short and long term goals. I find it extremely easy to understand things and see hints clearer if they are shown in lists.

I love lists.

Short Term

🔹To go through my wardrobe and be ruthless. I need to sell that dress I’ve kept for nearly 5 years because I wore it once and felt awesome. It doesn’t fit and I can’t keep everything as motivation to lose weight.

🔹 Go back to the gym and try and last longer than 5 months this time.

🔹 Drink more water!

🔹 Remember to send birthday cards. Handwritten ones, not something off the internet

🔹 Join and art class or sewing class

🔹 Take up yoga

🔹Reflect on things more, whether that be work or personal life

Long Term

🔹 Buy a house

🔹Pay off my car

🔹 Have Children

🔹 Possibly go back to university and train as a teacher

🔹 Visit my family at least once every year and not struggle with the price


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