For the past three years, I’ve had an interview every January. I’m thinking I may turn it into a tradition.

Today I had my interview for the ANUM position on the ward. You’re probably thinking what the heck is an ANUM. Dave misheard his position title the first time I explained it, as anal position, he was as confused as I was when we were both talking about something completely different. It stands for “Associate Nurse Unit Manager” – just a fancy way of saying assistant manager.

So I got dressed up into some clothes other than my night shift attire – old dresses that I feel comfy in – and my pjs and wore a nice tartan skirt and cute black top with a collar.

I was early. Good start.

I decided then that it was time to remind my mum that I was having and interview as I had not received a good luck text and decided that it was bad luck if I didn’t. Text came. Excellent.

A lovely lady comes out of the lift and introduces herself and one of my interviewers – she was wearing a bright yellow floral dress and I decided I liked her. We chatted about nonsense for a couple minutes before my manager arrived. Everyone present and correct. Brilliant.

So they started asking me questions and I’m thinking “hmm this is going ok, nothing too hard, I think I’ve answered them right” when Bam!, I realize I’m starting to struggle on this one. I’m thinking of everything I can and just decide a smile will make everything better. We move on. Keep cool.

So overall it went ok. They ask me if I have any questions so I ask when I’ll find out – as you do – and I decide “oh let’s be adventurous”.

Jo: I think that’s all I need to know, is there anything that you’d like to ask me?

Woah. Where did this come from. Shit! What if they ask me something hard and it messes it all up?!

Jo: Only easy ones though!

Yes! Now they have to be nice!

They ask me some pretty good questions and I notice that from my extra answers they’ve written some extra notes! Oh god this might push me ahead!

Anyway, it’s over. I thank them and set off home.

I get into bed – I’m not crazy lazy, I have a night shift that night and it would be ridiculous to stay up for over 24 hours if I don’t need to – and then start reflecting.

I end up in a mass panic that I didn’t mention certain things and have to force myself to sleep.

I find out on Friday.

Wish me luck!



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