Good year so far

Whenever New Year comes along, we all make resolutions of things we want to accomplish or  changes we want to make. For me, I decided to make little resolutions so they’d be easier to achieve. After what was not really the best year I’ve ever had, 2014 was still ok. However. 2015 looks like its going to be a good year, mostly as it’s already started!

Myself and Dave have been looking at houses! We’re interested in a house and land package and found out that were in a pretty good financial situation where this is affordable. All we need to do is save the deposit. This has really pushed us both to start saving properly. We’ve been budgeting a lot more and instead of going out for dinner all the time, we’ve been eating in and just generally not wasting money on things we don’t need.

I also heard back from my interview. Nerve wrecking I know! My manager pulled me into his office on Tuesday and asked me how I thought my interview went. I told him I thought it went ok but was aware I didn’t mention some of the things which I should have.

He told me that he did notice the things I hadn’t talked about but putting that aside, the interview went really well. He told me that the hospital site manager was extremely impressed with me and as a result, I had got the job!!!

I am now an Associate Nurse Unit Manager!

Not only does this give me an amazing sense of achievement and give me some recognition for everything I’ve done so far, it means that I will be supervising staff, implementing new strategies, working closely with management not to mention the extremely big pay increase!

So, so far in 2015, I think the ball is in my court. It’s going well and I hope it keeps getting better!


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