Non athletic girl vs Climbing

This weekend, Sunday to be precise, Dave told me we were going out for a surprise.

Now I’m not too good with surprises if I know it’s a surprise. I need to know what to wear, is it outside or inside, should I avoid wearing sandals, how should I have my hair, what type of people will be there etc.

I eventually got him to spill the beans and he told me we were going climbing.

Now, I am not an athletic person, in fact sometimes just walking tires me out to the point of wanting to get back in bed.

Recently though, I have been trying to get a bit healthier and we had bought a treadmill a couple weeks ago so we could do some exercise without having to pay for a gym.

We arrived at Clip N Climb in Richmond at around 4:30. The girl at the reception was really nice and explained where to sit to wait for the safety briefing.

A young lad called Adam who seemed bored with having to smile at under 12s all day explained how to put on the harness and how to clip yourself into the walls.

After putting on my harness and realising that I now felt like I could do anything with my cool new piece of equipment, we entered the climbing section.

Overall, I managed to climb to the very top of three walls, climb up 1/2 of 3 others and maybe climb 1/3 of a really hard one. I also climbed up a pole and jumped off (leap of faith) and also completed the vertical drop slide.

Overall it was awesome! Unfortunately I have woken today with the feeling that my arms are about to drop off.

Here are some photos!:











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