I’m a hoarder.

Of clothes.

Particularly dresses.

Particularly floral dresses.

I’m also a bit of a neat freak. Everything has to be in order and in its place.

I’m currently having problems with my wardrobe. Obviously

It’s just too small! Since Dave moved into my room – we were housemates with separate rooms but then we decided to be in a relationship and I had the better room with an en suite and walk in  wardrobe – I’ve been noticing how little space I have.

To be fair, I’ve only given him a tiny section of the wardrobe and that’s it, but he doesn’t need much space. He actually took my ‘jumper section’ of the wardrobe. I regretted it immediately but didn’t want to look mean taking it away from him again.

My beautiful dresses are getting squished and squashed in the wardrobe and I am not happy.

The fact that my wardrobe does not feel tidy as of recent is actually causing me some concern. I feel I either need to upgrade my wardrobe to an actual room or try and go through everything and throw some things away.

I’ve been getting pretty good with eBay but then I feel sad that people don’t appreciate my clothes as much as me. Then I end up keeping everything out of sympathy.

I need a clothes-er-vention.


5 thoughts on “Help

  1. Shannon says:

    I tend to hoard too..especially because EVERY TIME I get rid of something that I’ve been clinging too, I end up needing it -.- Either way, a good tip I found for closet cleaning is to hang all you hangers with the hook facing out..when you wear something hang it back normal..that way you see what you actually use!

  2. Shannon says:

    I also find that there’s a particularly ruthless mood that is perfect for cleaning closest..when you are slightly irritated and feel no compassion what so’s the best time to clean if you are as bad as me with sentimental value and feeling bad for objects 😛

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