Hanging rock

Happy Easter!! 

Today me and Dave decided to visit Hanging Rock. It’s close to Mount Macedon in Melbourne, Victoria. 

What is hanging rock I hear you ask! According to the website (www.visitmacedonranges.com) it is:

“Said to be the best example of a volcanic plug or mamelon in the world. It consists mainly of soda trachyte rock (solvsbergite), found only outside this district in Norway and Sweden. Since its formation, the mamelon has been exposed to considerable weathering and erosion, resulting in a conglomeration of unusual rock formations that can now be seen on the site.” 

It took us around 1 hour to get from our house to the reserve and it was fun looking at the beautiful scenery and huge houses. 

It costs $10 to park your car in the car park for the day in the reserve which may seem like a lot but theres actually nowhere else to park so you’ve got to accept it or leave it! 

The reserve is huge! There’s a small cafe and gift shop and an information centre about the rock itself. 

You can pick from three trails to walk, the best is definitely the summit trail. 

Here’s some photos from the day! 




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