My devastating realisation

I never thought I was fat. Sometimes I think I look a little chubby but not anything to worry about too much. 

I’ve been a size 12/14 since I was 18 so I’ve never made any healthy changes to my lifestyle.

I eat chocolate – way too much if I’m honest with myself – and I don’t exercise as much as I should. Fizzy drinks are my usual go-to drink and water was a no go as I don’t like the taste.

Over the past year or so I’ve noticed some minor changes in my health. Feeling tired and sluggish, no motivation or energy, skin problems starting to occur again etc. 

My friend is currently training in nutrition and I decided to talk to her about my concerns. We spoke about sugar intake, the difference between fructose and glucose, having a possible lactose intolerance and exercise. 

So after listening to her advice I bought myself some Probiotics. They help to increase the level of good bacteria in your tummy and this helps with creating more of a balance. 

I’ve been taking them for around a week and a half and I’ve noticed little changes such as a decrease in tummy cramps and going to the toilet on a more regular basis.

I’ve also cut out fizzy drinks and forced myself to drink water. At first I found it quite difficult and would end up not drinking enough because I didn’t like the taste. This increased the number of headaches I was experiencing and made me feel quite tired. In the end I just started setting myself goals such as drinking 1 litter of water before lunch time etc.

With the increase in water and the commencement of probiotics I noticed my skin was changing. At first I broke out and found my skin quite oily. I spoke to my friend again who said this is normal and is my body’s way of trying to flush out toxins. I stuck with it and after 3 weeks my skin has improved dramatically. 

Now coming to the realisation I had which was horrible. 

I decided to go to the 1000 steps in Dandenong with Dave. I thought it’d be a good day out and we could do something active and physical when the weather was amazing. 

I never managed to walk up even 20 steps because of how tired and unhealthy I was just walking up the hills to get to them! 

I nearly cried. I was so disappointed in myself and it was such an eye opener. 

Since then I have forced myself to exercise at least 30 minutes a day. 

I’m hoping with time I’ll get more energy and I’ll be able to conquer the 1000 steps! 

I’ll let you all know when that day arrives! 


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