My achievements of 2014

I wanted to give myself a little place where I could write all my small and big achievements of 2014, fortunately for you lovely lot, it’s here.

I’m planning on adding them as and when I achieve them. Hopefully I do achieve something or this page is definitely going to waste!

I completed the 1 blog a day challenge I set myself on January 1st 2013. This was extremely hard to do sometimes but after finding the Word Press app on my iPhone meant it was much easier to blog. This is definitely one of the biggest achievements I’ve had in my life. I’m usually the type of person who would completely give up after a couple of weeks with something like this but I carried on and I feel extremely proud of myself.

I re-upholstered my bed. This was a first in my whole life! I feel extremely proud of myself and I am extremely proud of the end result! I now feel like my bedroom is finished and completely mine.

I went to the Gold Coast. This was the first holiday me and Dave have been on and it was excellent. We went to SeaWorld, Movie World, Wet n Wild and the beach. It was awesome having our first proper holiday together. Hopefully there are many more to come.

I bought pet insurance. This doesn’t seem like a big thing but as Moo is my first actual pet as an adult, this is a big adult thing to do. I had wanted to get pet insurance for a while but it wasn’t until she was de-sexed and there had been a complication that I thought that was it. Time to get insurance.

I bought lots of furniture for my house. Myself and Dave went on a spending spree and bought a lot of awesome furniture for our home. I’d never really bought furniture for a house before so going shopping for a sofa and a TV was a big deal! And they look awesome.

I’ve seen a psychologist. Since being in Australia lots of things have happened and I have now found myself a psychologist so I can rant and vent about rubbish things that happen so every other aspect of my days are lovely and filled with happiness!

I threw away some clothes. Now I’m pretty much a hoarder. I literally just keep clothes for years and years because I like them. I wouldn’t have bought them if I didn’t. Dave told me I needed to throw some away and reluctantly I did. Now I’ve thrown quite a bit away and have more room for new clothes! shhh, don’t tell Dave.

I have written letters to friends from home. Ever since I was little, I wanted a pen pal. Now I have quite a few and I love it. The feeling I get when I receive a beautiful little envelope with a lovely message inside is amazing. And then it gives me chance to use my Cath Kidston writing set!

I have helped people who want to die. In my line of work (Mental Health Nursing), I work with a number of people who feel suicidal. Just yesterday I stopped someone from hurting themselves after a bad day. Being there to support people who are in crisis is something that I find so rewarding. I learn so much from my patients and I hope they learn some things from me too.

I have been a real life tourist around Melbourne with my mum and sister. My mum and Megan came back to Melbourne with me from 12th Ocotber til 2nd November and we saw so many amazing things. To list a few: Great Ocean Road, 12 Apostles, Phillip Island, Werribee Zoo, Melbourne Zoo, Melbourne Aquarium, DreamWorks exhibition, Eureka Tower, Museums, Ghost Tours….

I completed a photo a day challenge in 2014. I set myself the challenge of a photo a day for 2014 and I completed it! Obviously some days I had to get a bit creative and go through some photos and do a “throwback” day but I won’t tell if you don’t.



One thought on “My achievements of 2014

  1. says:

    Lovely blog you have and I thank you for stopping by my blog.
    Keep writing and I hope you make some friends to hang out with. It is difficult. I moved just over a year ago and the friends I have made are people I work with, neighbors, organizations that I have joined. Keep reaching out to people – it will happen.

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