I love Pinterest

One of my beautiful close friends is getting married next year.

Lauren proposed to her boyfriend on a beach whilst they were away for a weekend with their 3 year old daughter. They’ve been together for 8 years and they are such a gorgeous couple.

Since finding out about their upcoming life event, myself and Lauren have taken to pinterest.

Since there’s over 10,000 miles between us, we’ve been texting each other a lot about what she’s been thinking about for venue, dress, food, flowers etc.

I created a board for wedding ideas so anything I find I can keep in one place and then show Lauren when I next talk to her.

I then realised that I was becoming obsessed with pinning things.

I now have boards for: Cute Dresses, My dream house, Hair styles, Cute Projects to try, Disney and Wedding.

It’s just so cute!!

If anyone would like to follow me on pinterest, my name is @jojodoc1991




The 5 people you meet in Heaven

My friend let me borrow one of her favourite books this week. As you may have guessed, it was called The 5 people you meet in Heaven written by Mitch Albom.

I would definitely recommend this book. It’s an easy read, not too long but the story is just really ‘nice’. I hate using the word nice but it’s either ‘nice’ or ‘lovely’.

The story is short and sweet and you can pick out a few life lessons and stories from the story itself. It makes you think about the impact we all have on ourselves and other people and the impact others have on ourselves.

You start to see things clearer and think about what you do and how it can effect others.

Very interesting point of view.


Hanging rock

Happy Easter!! 

Today me and Dave decided to visit Hanging Rock. It’s close to Mount Macedon in Melbourne, Victoria. 

What is hanging rock I hear you ask! According to the website (www.visitmacedonranges.com) it is:

“Said to be the best example of a volcanic plug or mamelon in the world. It consists mainly of soda trachyte rock (solvsbergite), found only outside this district in Norway and Sweden. Since its formation, the mamelon has been exposed to considerable weathering and erosion, resulting in a conglomeration of unusual rock formations that can now be seen on the site.” 

It took us around 1 hour to get from our house to the reserve and it was fun looking at the beautiful scenery and huge houses. 

It costs $10 to park your car in the car park for the day in the reserve which may seem like a lot but theres actually nowhere else to park so you’ve got to accept it or leave it! 

The reserve is huge! There’s a small cafe and gift shop and an information centre about the rock itself. 

You can pick from three trails to walk, the best is definitely the summit trail. 

Here’s some photos from the day! 



Home sick

The one thing I’ve noticed about being on the opposite side of the world than your friends and family is that you miss the little things. 

I miss waking up and having people always around. 

I miss seeing my friends whenever I want.

I miss going round to my nanas house for scrambled egg on toast. 

I miss asda and tesco.

I miss shopping in English clothes shops.

I miss Jaffa cakes.

I miss people thinking my accent was normal because it’s their accent too.

I miss my uni friends.

I miss having support with everything I did, no matter what it was. 

I miss Christmas at home.

I miss everyone’s birthdays. 

I miss Manchester. 

I miss the life I once had.


When I was completing the one a day post challenge I set myself, I would post a lot of outfit photos. It was easy and a good excuse to take selfies in some clothes I love. I thought I’d do a post of all my favourite outfits of the last couple months!


This dress was what I wore for my birthday during the day. I bought it from Dangerfield.


This is another dress from Dangerfield. I wore this for my birthday meal with my two friends Sam and Chris.


For the first time in over a year, I wore trousers to work. I bought these and the shoes from Primark when I went home in September. The top is an old one from Topshop.


This was a really relaxed outfit I wore for lunch with my friend Chris and a little shopping trip. The vest, jeans and shirt are from Topshop and the shoes are from New Look.


Summer dress I bought from Topshop. This dress is so comfortable and washes really well. Good material although as it is denim, can be a little sweaty.


I wore this outfit when I went on a date with myself to the cinema. Shorts and sandals are from Topshop. Blouse is from Valley Girl and hat is from Sportsgirl.


This was my outfit for Sam’s wedding. I bought this dress in the sale from David Jones and my sandals/wedges were from Topshop.


Dave bought me this dress from Dangerfield as a Valentines Day present and I love it. I got a bigger size due to the arms feeling a little tight. So comfortable.


I love this dress. I bought it from Topshop a couple years ago and it’s just so comfortable. It looks great with tights too which is always a plus in Melbourne. Never know when it’s going to rain.


This playsuit is amazing! I bought it from Dangerfield. I have little clothes that have thin straps so this was a great buy. I wore it when I went for a stroll and a read in the park. Comfortable and flattering.


This was the outfit I wore to my interview in January. I got the skirt from my sister, Megan. She is a lot taller than me so it sits a lot shorter. She gave it me when she visited me in Melbourne and I love it!

This seems to be all the outfit photos I’ve taken so far this year. Think I’m doing pretty well though.


I love weddings. I love the dresses, the hair, the venues, the flowers, the photos, the rings and pretty much everything else. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I have a little obsession with instagram. I could spend hours looking through photos of anything and everything. Finally, last week I was able to gram some wedding photos!

I had never been to a wedding before and on 7th March 2015, I was able to celebrate one of my favourite Australians marrying her true love.

The day was amazing. Me and my two friends drove to Sunbury where the wedding was being held. We arrived at a little motel we would spend the night at 14:00 giving us 2 hours to get ready before we were due to be picked up at 16:00.

I wore a beautiful pink floral crochet dress I found in the sale at David Jones. It was reduced from $300 to $60! That is a bargain if you ask me. And considering that it was the last one in my size, I’d call it fate.

After getting ready we took some photos and then waiting for our bus to pick us up.

The ceremony started at 17:00 and I have to say, my friend Sam looked beautiful. She is the epitome of ‘wow’. Her dress was elegant and simple and her make up was stunning. She looked exactly like a princess and I don’t think there will ever be a bride as wonderful.

Vows were exchanged and photos were taken before having the sit down meal. Which again was magnificent. The food was scrumptious and the company was excellent.

I can honestly say this was one of my favourite days ever. Happiness was definitely the most present emotion for everyone who was present.


My hair for the wedding. I had it curled and braided at my hairdressers in the morning.


Me, Fiona and Chris after getting ready at the motel.


Me and Chris – the first best friend I found in Australia


Obviously I had to get a photo of myself from the day!


Group photo – L to R – Mark, Fiona, Me, Chris,Emma, Jess & Charlie


A kiss to seal the deal


Mr. & Mrs. Pearson


My favourite people – L to R – Fiona, Sam, Chris & Me


Saturday 7th March 2015 – 16:00 until 23:00

Break Ups and Take Backs

I was speaking to a friend recently who had broken up with their girlfriend of over a year. He told me that they had given him all of the presents and gifts he had bought her over the time they’d been together.

It made me think about my break ups and I realised I have always kept everything my ex boyfriends have bought me.

If you’ve read my previous posts, you will know that I’m a bit of a hoarder of sentimental items – or clothes (but that’s not for this post). It made me think of all the things that I’ve kept over the years and still use or keep because they have a bit of meaning for me. Not in a creepy bunny boiler kind of way though.

My first ever boyfriend bought me a charm bracelet for my 17th birthday. I used to wear it every day and I absolutely loved it. I loved it so much, it’s currently sat in my jewellery box right now looking beautiful and cute.

He also bought me the first ever charm for my Pandora bracelet. Obviously that is still on my bracelet as again, it is beautiful and I love it.

I did however give away a pair of River Island boots that he bought me literally last week. I was clearing out my wardrobe – which was much needed- and came across my beautiful cowboy inspired boots which I worked out I had owned for 7 or 8 years. He bought me them for Christmas when I was 16/17 years old and they were still in perfect condition. I thought I’d be a grown up and I decided to give them away to my friends daughter who loves boots. I couldn’t quite bring myself to throw them away, but giving them away made it all feel better.

I also have quite a lot of things that my last boyfriend bought me. We had been together for 3.5 years and bought each other a lot of presents in that time. We were both in university and working so had money to splash out when we wanted.

I have literally about 10 Pandora charms which again are all still on my bracelet. Why would I take them off if they make it look amazing?! I also have quite a few dresses and again I have a pair of boots he bought me!

I did not give these boots away though and I wouldn’t even dream of throwing them away. They are an amazingly beautiful pair of boots from All Saints which cost around £250. They are so comfortable and look fabulous that I will keep them forever. I actually think this is the most expensive present I have ever received.

It’s amazing how many things we collect over the years through different people, whether that be family, friends or partners.

Why should people give back presents or gifts because a relationship ends? The relationship wasn’t ending when the gift was bought or when the thought went into it.

They are living memories. Things that remind us of who we are and how we got there.

Embrace it!

– My friend did actually give his girlfriend the gifts back. Mostly because she demanded he give her everything she had bought him and when he said no, she wanted all of her presents back again. Awkward.